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"Thank you so much for helping me. My experience was wonderful. The two gentlemen who helped me were patient & kind. I am so pleased that I have the 247 crew to help me out. "

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I am very impressed with the professional approach of root cause analysis and technical competency is of high calibre work at TECHIES247

I also compliment that you guys should be a gold award member of Microsoft Nash and team has done a good job and honest in the dealings with customers accept responsibilities and highly accountable

Manager at Bega Cheese Australia

All the best and I will get my Next Apple IMac in the next 12 months as it is under warranty.

Fixed Issue - Other
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The score for the service is a perfect 10!

I would like to thank Sadique and his team for the support and patience in assisting me to resolve my PC technical issues. Their professionalism in handling the challenging issues was impressive, and their customer service is exceptional.

Thank you Sadique and your team, I will not hesitate to recommend this service.

Fixed Issue - Other
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I was amazed at the service Ricky provided to me this evening. I was devastated when I came home this evening and found my email had completely crashed. I googled the error could and called your 1800 number and it was promptly answered by Ricky who upon further investigation discovered a number of problems with our computer. I own an online animal shop so my computer is my livelihood. Within 1 hour I was up and running again with the added bonus that for 1 year if I ever get into trouble Ricky is only a click away.

Thankyou so much for a fabulous service Ricky!!!!

Fixed Issue - E-mail
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I was extremely impressed by the service offered and completed by Sadique of 247techies. I was having extreme difficulties with Microsoft Word and Sadique and the team were able to direct me to a new way of dealing with my problem. They also improved the efficiency of both my laptop and my husband`s PC.

At all times they were very polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

Fixed Issue - Other
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Excellent job, my computer is working fine

Thank you so much for the assistance....

Well worth the money for the support

Fixed Issue - Other
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Thank-you for your message, I am pleased to be able to recommend the service provided by 247 Techies.

My experience of the “Help” pane in Windows 7 Explorer not responding was a minor upset, considering that all the other facilities were working as they should and therefore I suspected a virus or infection by a malware code, the HP machine is relatively new and odd things happen as a result of using the Windows 7 which was pre-loaded, and is subject to odd bits of Hewlett Packard being superimposed instead of just plain old Windows 7.

If I had not tried to use the “Help and Support feature the fault may not have become annoying when it did, because the evening before, everything was in good working order, before shutdown.

The ‘Remote Access’ is a great way for the suffering user to see the steps being taken throughout the process, initially I thought it was difficult to type on the keyboard while juggling the phone handset, and I am going to make sure I can wear a headset and be hands free!

“Mike” applied himself very well and it was to his credit that he persisted for so long with the problem, eventually there was obviously two other “techies” involved , Shukri and probably yourself Paul, I hope this is of help to you, I did not know the service existed, but having had other recent experience with Hewlett Packard techs, again remotely, and Microsoft in the Phillipines, I think the service is very good and convenient When one compares fees from local PC diagnostic people.

My experience is largely with Telecomms, both in the UK. And here in Australia, a total of 40 years. I have grown through the early systems and some mainframe situations, but now at 82 years I find the pace of developement to be quite complex, but I persevere, it is part of years of training.

Alan Beckwith
Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
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I have today had Sajid on the line for a great length of time. He was extremely patient and solved my problem in a very methodical way (I think -just watching him shoot around the screen. I do think your service is second to none nad have no hesitation it recommending it to all I know.

May I take this oportunity to wish you all the very best for 2012.

Michael Carden
Fixed Issue - Other
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I feel compelled to respond to my experience today. I am a 61 year old woman, with adult children living on their own, and any time I have had a "technical" problem felt my only choice was to hire a specialist. many times incurring an expense which I could not afford. I have discovered today that I have another option. My experience was nothing short of outstanding! Jeremy very calmly, clearly and knowledgably was able to walk me thru totally solving 2 diffiult problems on his first try. Well worth the $129.00 annual fee you charge for your support. I feel (as his superiors) that you should know what an excellent employee he is for you and your reputation. He was well informed, polite and attentive the entire time, which took approximately 2 hours of his time. In the past, I think my blood pressure would increase at just the thought of dealing with any challenge if I had to deal with any of their representatives. I did NOT experience any thing like this from Jeremy. In my book, this truly is a miracle. Thank you so much for your foresight to develop a concept like this, as well as hiring Jeremy to represent your Company. Sincerely,

Marjorie A. Bramley
Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
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Good day to you,First off, I wanted to say a BIG thank you to JAKE. Who helped me eradicate a nasty virus from my pc. At ALL times, he was both polite, helpful and above all, friendly and understanding of my needs.

He was patient with me, as I am not the most technically minded. I just wanted to say that on a scale of `1` to `10` Jake scored `10` on every aspect of the service he provided me.

In this day and age, customer service can often be a `negative` experience, but I can say with my hand on my heart, that I would recommend him to anyone who has problems with their computers. The cost of the service didn`t really matter, as I had to get my pc working again, so the price I paid was worth every penny. If my words of praise can be passed to Jake, then it would make me very happy.

But before I go, I would also like to say thank you to AHAMED, as he was the 1st Techie, who tried his very best to secure my pc, but the first attempts proved fruitless, as the scanning software wasn`t powerful enough to destroy the virus, but that does not take away the fact that like Jake, he was courteous at all times, friendly, understanding and just as professional.

I must congratulate the whole team at 247techies, because those who train the team are just as responsible for bringing their expertise to the public.

I wish you all at 247techies, the very best in your careers and maybe in the next 12 months, if I get infected, you will be there to help me again. Sincerely,

Martin England-Andrews
Fixed Issue - E-mail
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